MAG MELL explores the waning hours of two captive diplomats awaiting execution.  Hamilton Cokewald, a powerless diplomatic security executive, and Eoghan Finn, a spy, are tormented by their inevitable and imminent fate.


Cokewald describes his beating at the hands of the captors.  Finn presses Cokewald for details of the assault.  Cokewald is secretive and unwilling or unable to fully explain the motive of his attacker.  Both men begin an encounter with the human fear of death.  To describe his feeling of dread, Finn reveals his prior and smaller death in being cuckolded and abandoned by his wife.  Cokewald hints at his own anxiety about the possible infidelity of his spouse but refuses to accept the idea.


The doomed diplomats share a dubious relationship and each remains wary of the other.  The men speculate about possibilities of afterlife, void, resurrection and salvation.  They attempt and fail to pray.  Finn begins to wonder if they might be dead.  Cokewald insists with great vigor that he is still alive.


In the final scene of the movie, the men allow animosity to be expressed with physical violence.  Finn forsakes all else for complete faith in his own person and challenges Cokewald to make a choice.  Finn issues an ultimatum and the cornered Cokewald is forced to make a final decision about his own destiny.  MAG MELL, is it heaven or is it hell?




What does Mag Mell mean?

In Irish mythology, Mag Mell  is the "plain of joy".  This was a mythical realm achievable through death and/or glory.  Unlike the underworld in some mythologies, Mag Mell was a pleasurable paradise, identified as either an island far to the west of Ireland or a kingdom beneath the ocean.


Where was the movie filmed?

Most of the picture was shot on sets in Pennsylvania.  The montage of stills was photographed in the Yemen Arab Republic in and around Sana’a.


Are the main characters dead or alive?

They are not sure and neither are we.


How long did it take to shoot the movie?

Fourteen days.


Are Mek Leeper and Paul Leeper brothers?

No, they are father and son and sometime writing partners and co-producers.


Is Eoghan Finn the devil or Saint Peter?

We’re afraid to ask.


Mag Mell, is it heaven or hell?

Hey, that’s OUR tag line.


MAG MELL is also a novella and available at


The story first came to life as a play written by Paul Leeper that was titled A CUCKOLD’S TALE.


Liam Castellan appeared in a production of the play at university, but in the role of Eoghan Finn, not Hamilton Cokewald.

Castellan later produced and directed a production of the play in Philadelphia.


No roaches were harmed during the production of the movie.


Paul Leeper once lived and worked in Yemen.


This production was the first time Castellan and Leeper had an opportunity to act together although they have worked intermittently on various theater projects over the last 15 years.


Not Trivia, but information:

There have been over 40 attacks on U.S. Diplomatic Missions since 1926.


To date, 107 Central Intelligence Agency employees have given their

lives while in service.