LIAM CASTELLAN as Hamilton Cokewald

LIAM CASTELLAN is a Philadelphia-based director and theatre artist.  He is a member of Curio Theatre Company since 2006, and has been a part of 17 productions and counting, including directing Joe Orton's WHAT the BUTLER SAW and two productions of ANANSI and HIS STORIES.  He has also directed for Plays & Players Theatre TITUS ANDRONICUS, the Philadelphia Dramatists Center world premiere of A CUCKOLD’S TALE by Paul Leeper, also various readings and workshops), the Walking Fish Theatre A TASTE OF HEAVEN, Hedgerow Theatre CORPSE!, which was nominated for "Best Play" in the 2013 BroadwayWorld Philadelphia Awards) and the first set of pieces in the 2013 Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival.  Castellan is a graduate of Northwestern University's Theatre Department. 


MAG MELL is his cinema debut. 

PAUL LEEPER as Eoghan Finn

PAUL LEEPER served on the professional staff at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for twenty years.  He formerly worked for the U.S. government as a Special Agent and later as a contracted advisor traveling worldwide with assignments in North Africa, Central America and the Arabian Peninsula.  Leeper is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.  His plays have had readings or productions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Knoxville.  His play SAFE HOUSE was nominated for an Edgar Award for best play by the Mystery Writers of America.  He is also the author of the mystery novels DANGEROUS HETEROSEXUALS, THE RIB and MAG MELL.   His last film appearance was in the comedy ROUTE 30 TOO! with Curtis Armstrong and Beth Behrs. 

DEKE DARLOW as Schuyler Colfax

DEKE DARLOW was born to British immigrant parents at Flamingo, Florida where he nominally resided until the age of 18. During his childhood, Darlow was an attraction as a gospel pianist and singer.  He was a drawing card for the itinerant revival shows presented by his evangelist parents across Florida and Alabama.  In 1963, he was awarded a Master of Divinity degree from Tropical Theological Seminary and became fluent in six languages.  After graduation, during an extended European tour, Darlow was given an opportunity to apprentice at Cinecetta’ Studios, Rome.  He remained there for seven years, dressing movie sets and vacationing in Morocco where he converted to Zoroastrianism.  In 1971, he returned to the U.S. making his home on the lower west side of Manhattan, where he operated “Street Eats” a mecca for “deliriously delicious” fast food.  As a side attraction, he gave classes in Zoroastrianism in the back room of the tiny establishment and steadfastly refused to be featured in New York magazine.  During the winter of 1997, after winning the lottery, he sold “Street Eats” and indulged his lifelong passion for Lepidopterology by moving to Hollywood and creating a butterfly farm near Tarzana.  He is currently pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. 


MEK LEEPER | Co-Writer, Producer, Director

MAG MELL is Mek Leeper’s first feature length motion picture.  His short films have been official selections at several film festivals in New York City and Baltimore.   His direction of music videos has been praised by Huffington Post, National Public Radio, College Humor, and many others.  Mek has done commercial work and crewed on a few feature film productions.  He is currently planning his next feature film.

SAM BENSON | Director of Photography

Sam Benson graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a bachelor’s degree in digital media production in 2010. After relocating to San Diego to work sailboats, Sam has returned to Philadelphia and now works as a bicycle messenger. In 2013, Sam worked as director of photography for the independent film "MAG MELL", and also worked as a grip on "Trust Me, I'm A Lifeguard", another independent film featured at SOHO film festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. He is currently developing a web series featuring bike messengers, and a bike messenger podcast.


Lumen Gilchrist began his cinema career as a tea and coffee boy at Bushey Studios located in Melbourne Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK.  He was eventually apprenticed at the edit department and spent a decade honing his skill at the craft.  In the 1980’s, Gilchrist emigrated to the USA and worked as a civilian film editor for the U.S. Department of Defense.  He agreed to come out of a happy retirement to edit MAG MELL.


Derrick Brandon is a musician based in central Pennsylvania. His band Wish List has just released their first LP and toured the East coast.

MARC JACOBS | Sound Designer

Marc Jacobs is a Philadelphia based music producer. He has produced songs with high profile rappers including Choo Jackson and Mac Miller.



Executive Producer

Niamate Bouhelal



Liam Castellan

Mek Leeper

Paul Leeper

Amy Boyce

Robert Boyce

Barbra Lahr

Lawrence Lahr


Sound Design

Marc Jacobs



Derrick Brandon


Assistant Director

Sean Besecker


Production Manager

Adam Leeper


Production Designer

Anne Fong


Boom Operator

Mark Leeper


Sound Recordist

Andrew Leeper


Costume Designer

Sylvia Agnelli



Nelson Frey


Key Grip

Zechariah Reynolds



Roberta Stein


Dolly Grip

Ken Baker


Focus Puller

Elton Leedy


Digital Imaging Technician

Rosa Guzman



Gene Roche



Kevin Matusek


System Administrator

Erika Schwabe


Property Master

Jill Houser


Production Buyer

Elaine Lafferty



Candy Olshevski


Hair and Make Up



Body Models

Essex Macchina

Charlie Selma


Title Design

Egon Schiner



Phyllis Hurley



Leon Cowan


Dubia Roaches Supplied by

Waggity Tails



Alan Moss


Still Photographers

Heidi Shiro

Abdel Zarou


Craft Service

Bistro 71



Benjelloun Helicopter Charters


Photographed in USA and Yemen Arab Republic


Thanks to:

Dramatist’s Guild of America

Harrak Motors, LTD.

Helping Hand Knives

Howard Community College

John Putch | Putch Films

Northwestern University

Philadelphia Dramatist Center

ProArts Media

Sheraton Sana'a

Stephanie Thompson

Tennessee Stage Company

Temple University



Special Thanks to:

The men and women who serve our nation in

the Foreign Service,

the Intelligence Services,

and the Military Services.



There have been over 40 attacks on

U.S. Diplomatic Missions since 1926.


To date, 107 Central Intelligence Agency employees

have given their lives while in service.





All characters and events in this motion picture

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons,

living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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